Turf Maintenance

Turf Maintenance Centre Contact Info:

33 Grayson Road, RD2, Wainui
Auckland, New Zealand

Email: superintendent@wainui.online


Grass Species:

  • Greens: Arrowtown Brown top Bent (Agrostis Capplaris)
  • Tees & Fairway: Superior Couch
  • Semi Rough & Rough: Govenors fescue, creeping red, sheeps (festuca commutate, festuca rebrarubra)

Mow Heights:

  • Greens: 4mm 0.15”
  • Fairways/tees: 13mm 0.51”
  • Step Cut: 25mm 0.98”
  • Semi Rough: 75mm 3”
  • Naturalised areas are not mown regularly.

Turf Maintenance Centre

The Wainui turf maintenance centre was completed in early 2016 and the nerve centre of golf course operations.

The maintenance team are very proud of our updated 540 square meter Turf Centre which was completed in 2016. The new facility functions well and adds to the quality of care equipment now being housed in the structure.

The new turf centre provides a safe and enjoyable work environment for our staff to flourish in. Replacement of the old facility was part of the Wainui development plan. The building is now one of the best maintenance facilities in the area but also provides much needed staging areas and additional parking to our staff members and guests.

Turf Maintenance Machinery

Wainui Golf Club has a variety of maintenance equipment, valued at approximately $1.8 million, which are used to maintain the entire course facility, 18 hole championship course, 9 hole practice course, driving range, practice facilities and off site areas. This inventory of maintenance areas is one that staff takes seriously and therefore is very diligent in performing all specified routine and preventative maintenance. Each unit’s hourly use is also monitored to ensure life expectancy and function.

Our equipment manager responsibilities include following the manufacturer's service intervals and ensuring that all mowers are cutting correctly and at the right heights before leaving the maintenance facility.

The equipment manager receives periodic training provided by the manufacturers representatives.

Typically the club has an active machinery replacement program.